Saturday, February 26, 2011

Structure is Sexy!

Need I say more? 

Quick Entry Perspective of our Kamiah Wellness Center 
My Favorite space... The Gym and its sexy structure! 

This past week was a crazy one for the MC Firm. We started the week off with a Seismic Test and Steel Quiz of which we should have studied more, but I think they went well enough. Then it was on to finishing our Programming presentation about Town Halls. Lastly, our penultimate crit on Wednesday. The sketches above were part of the presentation. Because we were very short on time and this was not the final crit, the perspectives stayed sketchy. But look out for the final renderings and presentation, they are going to rock your world... well thats what we are thinking. 

Here is a strip of my slides from our programming presentation. After days of work, nights of little sleep and a few volcanoes at the end of the week, I finally realized how Richard Meier designed the San Jose City Hall. I however, do not feel I can share with you on the internet.. You will have to ask me in person if you really want to know!

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