Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh how I love when my class subjects all relate to each other. As of now I am really enjoying my seismic class. Mostly because I am very scared of earthquakes but also because it is interesting to know how a building will act based on its size and construction. We have been talking a lot about resonance and the period of buildings. This brought back memories of freshman year physics class.

We were shown a similar video to this where a bridge collapses after going into resonance caused by the wind. This always amazed me, so to learn more specifics of how any why this happens is fun.

Amazingly this also came across in my London Prep seminar. A few bridges in London have been constructed in a way that when a large amount of pedestrians fall into step across the bridge, it would "self excite".

The Millennium Bridge was known for this ability to buck and sway noticeably, becoming known as London's wobbly bridge. Sadly we will not be able to feel the excitement and thrill of this movement because it was renovated with additional supports for fear of personal injury.  

I guess we still have hope for the Albert Bridge!

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